• Mukta

Republic Day dedicated to the young generation

Sare jahan se accha

Hindustan hamara

India has grown by leaps and bounds.

Today we have marked our presence not only in the world but also in space.

However there are still a few more battles that we need to win and conquer

The future of tomorrow, the children of today are not yet living their life to the fullest.

We are leading child malnutrition.

The very basic need of the hour to grow and live life is not available to them.

This Republic Day I pledge to continue doing my bit for the society.

I request that you too do your bit in providing what little you can to secure a child’s basic sustainability.

Let’s march together hand in hand and win this battle over malnutrition.

Let us pledge to our constitution which states that good food and nutrition is a citizen's right..

I request you to spread this message and contribute to the society in your own way.

Eat Rrite Jai Hind

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