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how to take care in times of corona lockdown

Maintaining your fitness quotient in times of Corona Quarantine! It has been very rightly said and put that your body is your temple. The more whole heartedly you respect it the more it is going to respond. Now facing the ongoing Corona Virus quarantine or lock down can be very daunting. There have been numerous queries from my clients, showing signs and symptoms of anxiety expressing concern over the fact that they may put on weight. So, let me help you out a bit over here. Many of us have always made a conscious effort into eating healthy, building our bodies and then maintaining it. We have been particular about diets; we have been particular about our workouts we have been disciplined about our day to day routines too. But now what? Are we suddenly left in the lurch with no definitive time frame to this lockdown? Well, the best thing we can do is, come to terms with this lock down, it’s time to incorporate this lockdown into our lives and make the most of it. Here are few ways you can maintain your muscle mass and gains without putting on body fat. 1. Since we are at home most of the time, it’s going to be super easy to slip into a flexible schedule. We may end up changing our routine to late night movie binging, sleeping late and then waking up late. Well, that’s not how it should be done. Your body has a set clock to it. The circadian rhythm as we call it. Any disturbance to this can trigger an increase or decrease in the stress hormone – Cortisol. Cortisol is an important hormone which is required to regulate your metabolic processes. An imbalance caused in its release is not very good for those gains. If anything, it is just going to encourage fat build up in the body, meaning a decrease in muscle mass and increase in body fat percentage. So, respect your routine, respect your body’s natural body clock, wake up with the sun and sleep with moon and stars!! 2. Now that we have understood the importance of sticking to the basic sleep and wake up pattern, let’s understand the importance of timing your food and workouts too. 3. Avoid binging or random eating. Don’t get or slip into mindless eating. 4. Shift your diet to a more protein based diet. Now here is the reason why you should do this. In case of body builders, it is going to help maintain your muscle mass and in turn stop the muscle loss due long period of inactivity due to low intensity home workouts. In case of people looking for fat loss, protein in the current situation is going to make sure that unlike your carbohydrates it’s not going to cause an excess surplus of unused energy in your body, which in turn can turn into a fat reserve in your body. 5. Now having said the above, you must also understand that each food group has its own significance. So, don’t eliminate it. 6. Now let’s just understand that in case you have shifted to home based work outs, then how do you ensure proper nutrition to support your body. 7. Make sure that you time your carbs from whole sources 45 mins prior to your work out and protein at a window of half an hour post workout. Make sure the post workout protein that you include should have the complete profile of 22 essential amino acids. Ex: Whey protein, Eggs, Steamed or grilled Chicken or fish. In case you want to get shredded you can reverse this timing, with protein as pre-work out and carbs post workout. 8. Never work out on a fasted stated as this can lead to an imbalance in your cortisol level there by leading to fat gain rather than a fat loss. 9. Now coming down to the workout itself. Make sure you start doing at least 45 mins of body weight training – squats, lunges, use dumbbells or water bottles for Biceps, Triceps and shoulder and chest workouts, use resistance bands, or simply just check you tube for home based workouts. There are multiple apps too which support this. So, go ahead and construct your own home based work out. Include floor exercises, yoga and meditation too. 10. Now having said the above, there is one main advantage of using apps, choosing strength training or body weight exercises over home based aerobics. Now why so, because these trainings will help build muscle structure, increase your metabolism, and also keep your fat burning process on. 11. Try to have a good estimate of calories in versus calories out. A sure shot way to get this done would be  Eat at regular intervals.  Use bowls to measure your food out. So, this means you just turn around and get back to the old system of thali, where all portions were standardized and regulated.  Avoid sugars of any form, processed, natural, raw. It’s not what you need in stage of stagnation.  We also need to keep in mind that despite stocking up of food, we have limited sources, hence we need to keep the variety to a minimum.  To do this, stick to the age-old combinations – dal chawal, sambar rice, curd rice, roti dal, kachumber salad, for breakfast stick to the healthier varieties of Idly, dosa, Dhokla, Patra, Moong dal cheela, muesli, cornflakes, dry fruits and nuts with milk. If you have access to non-vegetarian sources go ahead and portion them to about 150gms/ day / per person. 12. Now that food is out of the way, let see how we can build up a little immunity too.  Chew on tulsi and neem leaves early in the morning.  Have turmeric tea.  Avoid anything cold.  Alcohol is not good for those gains, so refrain from getting tempted to the lockdown binge.  Over here as regular gym goers there are two reasons to boost immunity and keep inflammation at bay – To not be effected by the virus, to make sure that your body is functioning well to perform its repair on the wear and tear. Boosting immunity is one way of keeping any kind of inflammation at bay. Your virus is also going to do the same if at all you come in contact with it. So, make sure you take care of your immunity.  Now apart from the above include spices and condiments like – cumin, poppy seeds, flax seeds, soaked walnuts, ginger (dry or fresh), garlic, cinnamon, cloves, pepper.  Boost up Vitamin C and Vitamin D in your diet. Your natural sources would be – lemon, limes, oranges. Your sources for Vit D would be Eggs, Milk, Butter. Now if these sources are unavailable you can definitely invest in supplements from the chemist. However, do consult your doctor for the recommended dosage. So now that we have the food, the workout and the immunity sorted, what else id left. Well the last bit of advice: Do not compromise on your water intake. A minimum of 2 to 3 liters is advice for a healthy active adult. Also, make sure of the following hygiene measures. Wash and store your vegetables. If buying non-veg, please make sure its fresh and from an authentic source. Once you have brought it home wash it thoroughly before you cook it. Also, make sure that if you are using a chopping board and knife to chop the raw non-veg food into smaller bites, then you must wash the board before you use it for vegetables. Also, make sure that everything in your refrigerator is covered. Do not leave anything uncovered. Last but not the least I am sure by now everyone is aware of the fact that the only cure for Corona Virus is prevention itself. So, stay safe, keep up the hygiene norms, Workout and Eat Rrite.

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