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Healthy Life Style

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

A healthy life style is what lays a strong foundation for a better tomorrow. Everyone right from a small child to an adult, an elder must have access to lead a healthy life.

Here are five parameters or guidelines and their importance to help you stay health. Bear in mind that these are just health guidelines and are not specific goal related guidelines.

· Nutrition

· Hydration

· Physical activity

· Rest

· Meditation

The first and foremost is nutrition. We need to nourish our body with well balanced meals and fresh foods. Its rightly said we are what we eat. Our body requires different kinds of nutrition from various food sources. This is dependent on our day day lifestyle and the amount of physical activity we put in. For example a person who frequents the gym and does some strength and resistance training would majorly need to concentrate on protein so as to ensure optimum growth of muscles. Their carbohydrates would have to be timed and synced in with their workout timings.

Similarly for a moderately active adult the concentration would again be on protein first so as to prevent muscle loss to due aging. The role of low glycemic index carbohydrates would be to provide them energy.

In case of a highly active child into sports or just plain physical activity the carbohydrates would take their prime spot so as to provide a steady flow of energy to the child's body.

Hydration or keeping the body hydrated is the key to ensure that all nutrition that is being provided to the body is utilized properly and the organs responsible for metabolization of foods are able to function well. Our body contains water in large amounts. Organs like kidney require large quantities of water to flush out wastes and toxins.

An adult man requires about 3-4 liters/day

Adult women requires about 2-3 liters/day

A child would require about 1-2 liters /day.


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