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Pizza Style Omelette

Simple recipes to start your day.
If you are breakfast person do try this out.

Multigrain Bread - 2 slices 
Carbohydrates- 24.12gms
Protein - 5.2gms
Fats - 1.98gms
Calories - 130 kcal 

Whole Eggs - 2
Carbohydrates- 2 gms
Protein - 12 gms
Fats- 10 gms
Calories- 146 kcal 

Coconut oil - 10 gms
Carbohydrates- 0
Protein - 0
Fats - 10 gms
Calories- 90 kcal 

Total calories - 386 kcal 


100 GMs vegetables mixed together like bell peppers, chillies, onions , cauliflower , tomatoes.


  • Finely mince all vegetables 

  • Heat pan. Add the coconut oil to it. Add all the vegetables and saute.

  • Cover and cook on low heat for a min.

  • Remove cover and add spices of your choice.

  • ( turmeric, chilli powder, coriander powder, black pepper powder)

  • Even out the mixture in the pan.

  • Crack the eggs on to the mixture.

  • Sprinkle salt and black pepper.

  • Cover and cook on low heat till done.

  • Meanwhile toast the multigrain bread.

  • Once done remove lid and slide the pizza omelette on to the plate.

  • Serve hot with bread.